Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finding a diversion!

    This has been torture trying to stay out of the nuc and letting the bees do their thing.  I would like to wait at least 4 days before checking the nuc to see if they have placed any larvae in the queen cups.  That means that I should wait until Tuesday before checking.

Here is a checklist of what I am worried about.
     1)  Is there a queen developing yet?
     2)  Do they still have sufficient pollen stores?
     3)  Are they getting robbed and I don't even know It?
     4)  Was there sufficient room between the new comb added and the old comb?
     5)  Are they even attempting to build up any honey?

The reason that I am worried about #3 is that I have seen plenty of activity near the entrance with very little pollen being brought in.  This may be due to the age of the bees.  It could be a bunch of outsiders visiting.

In an effort to divert my self I planted a desert willow, two red sages, and two agastache this afternoon.  It doesn't look like much yet.  I already see the plants as they will be.  You don't want me drawing on the picture as I see it.  My drawing skills make a toddler look advance in comparison.

I also need to add a poacher killed counter to this blog.  Here is widow #3 this year.  She is caught red handed with one of my bees

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