Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wind! Wind! go AWAY!

I did an inspection on the new nuc this morning.  It looks like they are heading towards starvation on the shortest route possible. On the bright side, they did build three queen cells.  They just don't have anything to install in those cells.  I was hoping to add a frame of eggs today from team Dai-Gurren.  Well it isn't happening.  The wind was blowing in excess of 24 MPH all day.  Tomorrow it looks like it will get down to 16 MPH.  It looks like it will be Sunday before I can add that frame.

I have been feeding the nuc.  I don't think the robbing is too bad.  The wax capings on the bottom were of the usual fine texture.  Pollen is what I am most worried about.  They have completely gone through the stores.  Here is a picture with two queen cells awaiting their prospective guest of honor.

On a good note!  Today is the first day that I have seen bearding on any of my hives.  Team Dai-Gurren is starting to rock!  It looks like there may be about a half-pound of bees hanging out at the porch.

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